Irish Singer, Songwriter, and Teacher


Since relocating to Ireland in 2014 Mary has been teaching over the internet and has been pleasantly surprised by how successful this platform has been. Although she has never met the majority of her students in person, she feels she has a strong connection and dedication to their learning.

The majority of students learn Irish Gaelic songs / singing style but some learn chant and others learn vocal technique. Mary provides phonetics for Gaelic songs and uses the same aural / visual approach that she introduced in her 2001 Singing in Irish Gaelic Mel Bay publication.

The great advantage to you the student, is that you do not have to leave your own home, making it easier to fit a 30-60 minute lesson into a busy life style, than having to travel to a class. Each lesson is individualised for you, the student, and delivered in an interactive style – this virtual tuition allows you to have your own personal tutor in the room when she is actually thousands of miles away!
Mary uses different platforms depending on your computer; favourites include SKYPE and ZOOM.

Below are several testimonials to this mode of learning. If you are interested in trying internet learning, please contact Mary through the contact page.


Mary McLaughlin is one of the finest educators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her relaxed, gentle approach won me over immediately and as a result, I felt completely at ease in her presence. What’s more, Mary is highly knowledgeable in the field of Irish Gaelic traditional song, which made our sessions such a delight! I could have spent hours listening and learning from this gifted singer and scholar. In spite of her erudition, however, Mary is down to earth and easy going. She is passionate about her subject, generous with her time and on the whole, a superb ambassador for the Gaeltacht and her ancestors.
Sine McKenna: Ottawa, Canada
 I began studying with Mary via Skype a little over a year ago and have never looked back.  One might expect the distance to be a hindrance, but that is absolutely not the case.  My lessons with Mary have been deeply enriching and enlightening.  Not only is she an incredibly gifted teacher and singer, but a brilliant scholar as well.  She offers a rich context and history to the individual songs and traditions from which the music derives.  Patient and knowledgeable with a great sense of humor, Mary’s lessons are a joy.  She is able to break down the melodies and ornaments in a way that makes even the most complex totally accessible.  I highly recommend her for anyone interested in the sean-nos tradition, from novices to professional singers.
Kristine Barrett: San Francisco, California, USA
For me Mary Mc Laughlin has made singing in the Irish language completely accessible. First and foremost is her generosity in sharing the Irish language songs phonetically as I am not an Irish speaker. I do however have a love of Irish music and while much of it is in the English language there are a many only in Irish. My preference of course would be to study with Mary in person but since that is not possible I study with her via Skype. My lessons have been fabulous. Mary has a way of teaching that is fun and engaging. I come away from my lessons invigorated and motivated to learn more songs. Mary’s innate and intuitive understanding of Irish music and Irish music singing has been and will continue to be an invaluable resource to me. I encourage anyone who is considering Irish singing and song to study with Ms. Mc Laughlin, through any medium possible, whether it be a workshop, in-person lesson, or the internet. You won’t regret it!
Judith Weikle: Wyoming, USA
Singing in Irish with Mary is just plain fun. She is a gentle and encouraging teacher who helped me appreciate the beauty and culture behind Irish music which is filled with mirth and love. Given I’m not in Ireland, we used Skype and it worked out well.  Mary is a supportive teacher; she is really there to help you. We laugh together! It is a joy to study with such a renowned talented performer.
Miguel Pérez-Gibson: Oregon, USA
I have studied singing with Mary over the past several years. I first studied with her in a small group class in Capitola, California. Later, I studied privately with her in Capitola. When she moved home to Ireland, I continued lessons via internet-based classes which have been great! I have also been able to record lessons whether in person or via internet which has been great for reviewing her instruction and feedback. 

She provided clear structure, direction, and instruction, along with homework and encouragement. The encouragement was always an important part of helping me feel comfortable singing with her. I understand breathing, phrasing and other elements of singing far better. I have sets of warm up exercises now to use for different purposes. She makes the lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. She is flexible in joining with me where I am each week as my needs shift. Mary is a warm and engaging woman with a good sense of humor as well.  Give her a trial...I'm sure you'll enjoy her and reap the benefits of her years of expertise performing, teaching and studying singing and music! The lessons are also affordable.
Charley Hodson: Santa Cruz, California, USA