Irish Singer, Songwriter, and Teacher


Since relocating to Ireland in 2014 Mary has been teaching over the internet and has been pleasantly surprised by how successful this platform has been. Although she has never met the majority of her students in person, she feels she has a strong connection and dedication to their learning.

The majority of students learn Irish Gaelic songs / singing style but some learn chant and others learn vocal technique. Mary provides phonetics for Gaelic songs and uses the same aural / visual approach that she introduced in her 2001 Singing in Irish Gaelic Mel Bay publication.

The great advantage to you the student, is that you do not have to leave your own home, making it easier to fit a 30-60 minute lesson into a busy life style, than having to travel to a class. Each lesson is individualised for you, the student, and delivered in an interactive style – this virtual tuition allows you to have your own personal tutor in the room when she is actually thousands of miles away!
Mary uses different platforms depending on your computer; favourites include SKYPE and ZOOM.

Below are several testimonials to this mode of learning. If you are interested in trying internet learning, please contact Mary through the contact page.


Mary is a wonderful teacher, so generous and the perfect blend of encouragement and nudging you to greater heights. She helped me get through some blockages I had from school experiences of singing and Irish classes that I’d rather forget. It’s always a laugh and I am grateful after every lesson.
Robert, CEO, Massachusetts,USA
My online lessons with Mary have been more than I could have hoped for. Not only is she incredibly organized and meticulous to make sure the online learning process goes smoothly, but it is an incredible opportunity to learn the stories of traditional Irish songs from her. Her wisdom of the songs is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received.
Anne Marie, marketer, Utah, USA
Mary's passion for the songs and language shine through in every moment, while her patience and good humor make a warm welcome for even the uninitiated of students. Her attention to the stories and nuances within each song truly bring the emotion and poetry of the songs alive.
Michael, Social worker, Philadelphia USA
My singing lessons with Mary over the past month have been the highlight of my week!  Every session is a magical transmission of a special song handpicked by Mary, and it has been a truly incredible introduction to celtic music which has always called to me.  Mary seamlessly shares the history of the song as well as the spirit of the lyrics, the music and the story.  She had me singing in Gaelic in no time, and through this music, exploring the truth of my own voice.  What a gift! 
Hannah, Massage Therapist, Tulum, Mexico