Mary Mclaughlin

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Daughter of Lir

Sample Tracks-

Daughter of Lir

Eyes of Africa

Cool Waters

By Mary Mc Laughlin / Produced by Jon Jacobs

Lir is the Celtic god of the sea. The story of Lir, and other Celtic mythological stories, provided inspiration for many of these songs. For others, the starting point was the modern world. Despite the gulf of time between the mythological and modern worlds, the two resonate through the human condition and often mythology acts as a mirror for the timeless and varied emotions of the human heart, helping us to make sense of this complex, fast moving world of ours. In Daughter of Lir the songs are thematically linked by images of Ireland, women and the sea. On another level they express our universal emotions. Please enjoy them in whatever way they resonate with you!

  1. Yundah
  2. Eyes of Africa
  3. Cool Waters
  4. You Saw His Eyes
  5. The Gift of Freedom
  6. Bring the Peace
  7. Motherland
  8. Fionnuala's Song
  9. The Daughter of Lir
  10. Silhouettes
  11. Trying to Forget
  12. I'll Be There

Daughter of Lir

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